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Nursery School

At NOAR, we think that our job is about as important as any can be.

Certainly, nothing can matter more than a child's first experiences away from home.

NOAR was founded in 1968 because of the growing need in our community for a bi-cultural school in the Reform Jewish tradition. Our program carefully balances an enriched nursery school curriculum with Jewish culture. The celebration of Shabbat is seamlessly woven into the child's week, along with the Jewish festivals and holidays that occur throughout the year.

We begin with "Mommy & Me," a stimulation program designed for children, twelve to twenty-four months old, that combines "gym" play, songs and art projects, and is led by an experienced and professionally-trained instructor. Our program for two, three, four and five-year-olds is no less ambitious. It presents opportunities for children to participate in artistic, intellectual and social activities. They learn to share, to have respect for each other (and themselves), and to feel comfortable, not only as individuals but as members of a group.

For many, NOAR serves as an introduction to life at Temple Emanuel. We take seriously the role that we play, and are proud to be part of a tradition of caring and sharing.

Religious Education

Jewish education within the Reform Movement seeks to establish a balance  between continuity and change. At Temple Emanuel, we provide a warm and supportive environment in which to accomplish this task, with the emphasis on critical thinking and creative expression that enhances the synthesis of knowledge.

We believe that Judaism contains answers to the challenges and questions confronting the human spirit, and that only a knowledgeable Jew can successfully discover these answers. Therefore, it is our responsibility to maintain our students' natural enthusiasm. As we encourage their openness to inquiry and their exploration of new skills, we seek to help them integrate their newly acquired insights, knowledge and competencies. Pedagogically, our philosophy can best be summarized with the following quotation:

Only the lesson which is enjoyed can be learned well. -- The Talmud


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