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SCW Friday at Emanuel
Holocaust Memorial Service features guest speaker

Topic: A World Erased: A Grandson's Search For His Family's Holocaust Secrets

Friday, April 21, 2017 at 7:30pm

On Friday, April 21st at 7:30 p.m., Noah Lederman, author of the recently published memoir, A World Erased: A Grandson's Search for His Family's Holocaust Secrets, will be guest in the pulpit at Temple Emanuel's Holocaust Memorial Service. In commemoration of the 6 million who perished, the Emanuel service includes prayers and special selections of music presented by rabbi, cantor, choir and instrumentalists. Members of the Emanuel Brotherhood will participate, offering poignant readings, and Noah Lederman will tell the story of his "dogged persistence in getting his grandparents to recount their memories of the Holocaust.... In A World Erased, he rescues their stories—and the stories of so many who survived, and so many who didn't—and turns their experience...into an enduring monument for his own generation and those to follow," says Wayne Hoffman, executive editor of Tablet magazine. In the words of writer Sam Apple, "A World Erased is a book of dark tales that is suffused with tenderness on every page." Noah Lederman has written for The Economist, The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, The Washington Post, Slate, The New Republic, Chicago Sun-Times, BBC Travel, Salon, The Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Chronicle, Tablet magazine, The Jerusalem Post magazine, Tikkun, Long Island Pulse, and Writer's Digest. His work is featured in numerous adventure, sports and travel publications as well.
A book signing and refreshments will follow the service.
For further information, go to scwculturalarts.org.
Temple Emanuel of Great Neck is located at 150 Hicks Lane.
Admission is Free. Call 516.482.5701 for information..


Stephen C. Widom Cultural Arts at Emanuel
guest speaker

Douglas Brinkley
Topic: The Evolution of the American Presidency

Sunday afternoon
April 30, 2017 at 3:00pm

Douglas Brinkley is a professor of history at Rice University and CNN Presidential Historian. His most recent book, The Nixon Tapes, offers a selection of scenes including the year Nixon opened relations with China, negotiated the SALT I Arms Agreement with the Soviet Union, and won a landslide reelection victory—providing a never-before-seen glimpse into a flawed president's hubris, paranoia and political genius. He is a sought-after commentator on U.S. presidential history and has written books on Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. CNN has declared Brinkley to be "a man who knows more about the presidency than any human being alive."
A Q&A, Book Signing and refreshments follow the lecture.
For further information, go to scwculturalarts.org.
Temple Emanuel of Great Neck is located at 150 Hicks Lane.
Admission: $20 or 2@$35. Call 516.482.5701 to purchase tickets and for further information.


The Nathan Ackerman Memorial Speaker
Former Prime Minister of Israel

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 7:30PM

Ehud Barak is one of the most recognizable names in Israeli politics, a man "who over a half-century career became Israel's most decorated soldier and held the nation's trifecta of top positions," according to The New York Times. Mr. Barak has served Israel as Prime Minister, Chief of General Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces and most recently as Minister of Defense, a position he took on in 2007. In 2012 he was bestowed the United States Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award.
Seating is limited. Please purchased tickets in advance. Tickets will NOT be available at the door.
Call 516.482.5701.